Working on a House East of New Bedford

Jake and I have started working on a house East of New Bedford, it is the town of Fall River we think, but it is right on the town line and we are not sure yet. It seems as though the town is going to annex this area if it has not yet. Jake is talking about getting a dish so we can watch college sports. The sort of deal that they have here, For now the two of us are camping out, because this is not a house in the real sense of the word until we get it ready. Of course when we are done they will get us to move out and find some people who will give them eight hundred a month to rent the place, maybe more. It is not a bad location, especially if you like the water. We are about an eighth of a mile Mt Hope Bay.

In fact if the water was warm enough you could get in the bay here and swim to Rhode Island from here. It is probably not that far, but I am not sure exactly where the line is in the water. You have to care about that to know, but of course I have a tablet with a built in gps, so I could probably figure it out if I wanted to. I think that the state line is about a quarter of a mile to the South, but it might be a bit closer and of course one piece of water is much like the other, the line is only important to the people who tax it and the people who enforce the laws and rules of the various states and local governments. It is not a big concern to me save where it effects me.