Why I Switched to Reliant Energy

I do a personal audit every year or so. I do it with anything that I can possibly have lower payments for, ranging from my cell phone and TV service to my energy provider. It is rare when I find something that I can save money on because I am usually on top of this, but every now and again, I do get surprised. That happened this past year when I found out that I could save money by switching to one of the Reliant Energy plans that I had found on a website that has all of the rate plans and promotions of the local energy companies.

I had never really looked too much into my energy bill before because I was already paying such a low monthly rate. I decided to look into some of the rate plans for the other companies though, and I found a website that had not only all of the rate plans but so much more about the different companies too. When I saw that I could save some money by switching to one of the rate plans that Reliant Energy has, I wanted to find out more about the company too.

I wanted to make sure that this was a company that has a stellar reputation before I made the switch. While saving money is my main priority, it is not the only thing that matters. I wanted to make sure that Reliant Energy deserved to have my business before giving it to them. I was able to read about their history on this site, and I was actually quite impressed. I had no idea that they were the first company to provide electricity to Houston residents, which is where I live. I was impressed with everything I read, and that made it a lot easier to make the switch to them.