Why I Lease Hot Beats As a DJ

Being a DJ is hard work. You can surely get stuck in your own preferred style when making your own beats. I like to mix it up and lease hot beats for use in some of what I do. It is like opening a window and letting in some fresh air if the room you are in is getting a little stagnant. It also can take you in new directions to help you maintain relevancy with your fan base. I think a lot of bands burn out because they cannot switch it up a bit to bring in a little bit of a new sound to keep going.

Sure, your fans expect you to sound a certain way when they listen to your music. However, there is a lot of latitude you can take when coming up with something new. You do not have to stick to a formula and just keep on repeating it ad-nausea. My forays into something new, such as when I lease hot beats, brings in something fresh to explore and work with. It does not corrupt my style but rather lets me find new ways of expressing it with my music mixes. You can’t show up to a venue and just keep playing the same stuff they heard over and over again. Your music needs to evolve.

Plus, I do not have the time to keep making original stuff for every show. That is why I choose to lease hot beats to put into a mix for different venues. It is also easier when you have a place that desires you to promote a specific sound for them. Some sounds might not be completely in your wheelhouse to do, but you can do it if you lease some beats online to use in your compilations for live performances as a DJ.