There Are Dangers to Deforestation

Even though I know it is happening all over the world, I never realized just how negative the effects of deforestation has on us as a society. Trees are so important for our very survival, and cutting them down in the large quantities that we are currently doing is causing havoc in ways I never even realized. I started learning about these effects once I started reading a blog that has a lot of articles about nature and the world we live in. It was there that I learned about how harmful we are making our planet by cutting down so many trees.

It is really sad when you think about it too, because not all the trees need to be cut down. A lot of them are taken down for one reason, which is greed. The people who are making these decisions, I wonder if they even realize the hardships they are making possible. The major one if the effect that it has on the climate. Global warming happens a lot faster when more trees are cut down, because the trees are just not there to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air.

That is not the only factor though. There is a negative effect on the water cycle because the roots of trees are no longer there in the same massive numbers. This in turn causes flooding, because the water has to go somewhere. When the roots are no longer there to hold water, then floods are a result. There are many other factors too, including the extinction of some wildlife. Soil is eroded as well, which can wreak havoc. I know that trees must be cut down for some reasons, but not at the alarming rate in which they are coming down today. All we are doing is seriously hurting our own environment, just for the sake of the bottom line for some wealthy people.