Nokia returning to the mobile market

For the 70s, 80s, and even 90s, Nokia is a word that cannot be erased from their lives. Nokia, who was very proud of its peers in the mobile phone market, had too many classic models known and used by the public. However, when the tide of smart phones arrived, Nokia did not seize the opportunity in the mobile phone business, abandoned the most popular Android system, and combined with Microsoft’s smart phone operating system, eventually losing money, only the mobile phone business. Packaged for sale to Microsoft, and authorized Microsoft to obtain the brand’s useful life.

In the recent period, after the expiration of the brand authorization, Nokia regained the right to use the brand. Although not operating on its own but re-authorizing HMD, the relationship between HMD and Nokia is very close. In the words of the HMD senior executives, “The relationship between us is a close relationship and brotherhood.” The release of Nokia 6, which was the first of its kind to come back, was caught in the storm of lending money. Although Nokia’s brand influence is still there, but in order to stir the situation in the current smart phone market, no big move really can not!

Nokia 6: The Return of Mixed Results

Without mentioning the others, it seems that Nokia Nokia 6 did not do a good job of market research, but still thought about eating it. Although there are no shortages of highlights, they are more incompatible with the current smartphone market. Could it be that Nokia’s Pride has not faded yet?

Nokia 6 this phone is tailored specifically for the Chinese market – it seems to know that people are stupid more money ah … … From the core processor point of view, Nokia 6 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 eight-core processor. Such a weak performance processor is generally used in domestic mobile phones with a price of less than six or seven hundred yuan, and the price of the 800 yuan file will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. On the processor, Nokia is really sincere.

Fortunately, Nokia 6 saved some facets in other hardware configurations. 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, 16 million pixels main camera, 8 million pixels front camera, fingerprint unlock, dual speakers, 5.5 inch Hybrid In-cell screen (IPS technology), covering 2.5D arc Corning glass… These hardware configurations are considered mainstream. Coupled with a good appearance design and material, the shape still looks great.

In any case, compared with the same configuration of domestic mobile phones, Nokia 6 has a price of 1699 yuan which is nearly a thousand dollars higher than the latter. For hardcore fans who have been looking forward to revisit Nokia’s return to the mobile market, no matter what Nokia 6 is doing, it must be a buying and buying rhythm. But for the vast majority of consumers who have been spoilt by low-priced, high-quality domestic mobile phones, Nokia 6 is considered an “embroidery pillow,” but it is ridiculous.

Still want to use power, but it really doesn’t make sense

HMD is the new authorized operator of the Nokia mobile phone brand. Although it is not the same as Nokia, it has a very close relationship with Nokia. The Nokia 6 launch actually means that the Nokia smart phone business has been fully restarted. However, Nokia 6 is not considered a show of color, so that the industry and the general public are skeptical that Nokia is still trying to “collect money” with its own feelings.

However, the senior management of HMD does not seem to think so. HMD’s chief marketing officer stated at the first Chinese media communication meeting, “We must not think that this is a bunch of Nokia old people who originally worked at Nokia. In the past, it was not. However, in fact, at the communication meeting, Nokia is still playing the “heartbeat card.” For example, Nokia’s classic mobile phone display in the 2G era, the appearance of old Nokia fans, and so on, will all turn communication into an undivided collective. Nostalgia will.

Coupled with the stark contrast between Nokia’s high pricing and lower profile, Nokia’s desire to “accumulate wealth” with the power of feelings is already a fact. However, the reality is that the current smart phone market is far from the age of Nokia’s own hegemony. There are too many giants and the situation is even more complicated. Nokia who missed the stage of high-speed growth is really too hard to resurrect with blood.

How big is it? The market wants Nokia’s sincerity

It may be that HMD and Nokia themselves feel sorry for the return of Nokia 6, and it has been made clear that new products will be launched on February 26. Judging from the current exposure information, this new product will be the flagship and will be named Nokia 8. And will be divided into two versions, including the high version equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, the ordinary version will be equipped with Snapdragon 821 processor. In terms of price, Nokia8 will be positioned at 3999 yuan.

If this is really the price, it means that Nokia still puts itself in the right place. It is cheaper than Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship models, and it is more expensive than the flagship models of ordinary domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Do not look at the price is not low, but at least not as virtual high as Nokia 6. If this is Nokia’s big move, coupled with the promotion of existing feelings, maybe it can really hope to occupy a place in the current smart phone market.