My New Website is Mobile Friendly

My friend had her website redone not long ago, and I was really impressed not only with the look but with the increased revenues that she was experiencing because of the change. She told me that the Atlanta WordPress design team that did it was quick and professional, and they did everything exactly the way she wanted it done. I had my own website, but it was a bit stagnant. I thought about contacting the people who she had redo her site, and I was finally convinced to do it when she showed me the before and after figures of having her website done.

It was really easy to get in touch with them, and they were able to take a look at my website and show me all the different ways that I was hurting myself with it. I already knew that it needed revamped because it had not been updated in a very long time. When people would look at it on their cell phones, they were not even able to take full advantage of everything on it. That is how old it was, because it was designed with only desktop computers and laptops in mind.

They invited me to look at a number of other sites that they have done. Each one was unique and different, but they all shared something in common too. They all looked classy, and each one was extremely easy to navigate. I was convinced after seeing all these, and also after getting a really impressive quote from them. It feels amazing to be able to pull my website up on my phone now, and they were right about other things too. My business has definitely gotten better since my new website was rolled out, and that has made life a lot easier for me too!