My Grandmother Ordered a Snapchat Filter!

My grandmother is turning 90 years old in a couple of weeks, and the entire family is throwing her a birthday party. I wish I could say it is a surprise party, but she is actually helping with the planning! She is definitely the most unique grandmother ever, and even at nearly 90 she has such life in her tiny little body. When she told me that she had been looking at a Snapchat filter maker that specializes in special occasions, I had to laugh because really, what other 89 year old woman talks about Snapchat photo filters?

She loves social media though, and she has more friends on her accounts that most of us do on ours! That is why she was looking at the filters because she knew that people would be taking a lot of pictures at her party. She showed me the page of birthday filters that this company will custom make for anyone. There were basically two prices. One is under ten dollars, and that is the basic filter, which is still really nice! The other is under 40 dollars, and that one has a customized cartoon of the person on it.

Some of the cheaper filters were really cool, but I knew that we were going to go with the other filter. I can’t really blame my gram for wanting that either because the custom made ones with the cartoons are really sweet. The one that she ended up ordering is a summer themed one, and it has palm trees, frozen treats, flamingos, watermelons, and flip flops going around the border. On the bottom, it has her name along with her birthday announcement, and there is the cutest cartoon of her next to it all. I know that this is going to be a huge hit with everyone when they see it in a few weeks.