Mass Tort Marketing with Less Churn

Leads are great, but you do want one that are as close to your ideal demographic as possible. Demographics are more than just age, gender, race etc. Demographics could be users of a product, or users of a product where the consumers have experienced a degree of harm. Lawyers looking for mass tort leads may like the services of companies like X Social Media. They do large campaigns and only work with firms that have a big budget for a client marketing campaign.

When a company is being sued for a bad product, there are firms all over the country trying to get in on the action. It is how firms stay in business. However, when people are searching for answers, you want your law firm to be at the top of the search results. You will do better if your ranking is organic and not derived out of ad placement. I think people searching trust a result that is not tied to an ad better than they do ones with results that are obviously there because of an ad. This is what makes the Facebook approach to lead generation so valuable.

People connect on Facebook. They like companies and they are the ones actually using the products the manufacturers end up getting sued over. If you want to find clients that fit your demographic, in this case people who have been injured in some way by a product, then mass tort marketing done by real professionals that know what lawyers want is what you need. I think it is harder for traditional SEO experts that are used to marketing products, services and brands to understand the unique needs of attorneys in mass marketing for a specific demographic. This is why companies like X Social Media are in business. They work to generate mass tort leads with less churn.