It is Nice to See That There’s a Place That Cares About My Well-Being

I really appreciate the many different benefits that come from the place that I work at now. I felt so unappreciated where I worked before, and I got tired of it and I finally left. My new company recently sent us for corporate team building in Singapore and I think it is one of the best things that I have ever been through. I want a lot of things that I was not aware of, and the training also helps remind me of some things that I needed to keep in mind while working in a corporate atmosphere. It also brought me closer to my co-workers.

I didn’t get my degree as early as most people feel. Said my father was very ill when I was young, and my mom was disabled. So this means that I had to get a job right away when I was a teenager to help out my parents. They have done so much for me, so I had no problem with helping them. I was 30 years old before I was able to enter the local university, and as soon as I graduated, I was hired by a company that didn’t seem to care about me much. I felt like such a fish out of water because I didn’t have all the experience that my peers had gotten over the years by graduating at a much younger age and then having many years of work under their belts by the time they reached their thirties.

I was happy to leave the company that didn’t seem to care about me. This business that I work for now cares about training their employees, which makes for a better workplace. The training retreat that I went on with them recently was truly enjoyable. My days were spent learning, and then at night, I and my coworkers would go out on the town and have a good time together