I Learned Some Weird Stuff Today

It is not easy to browse the world wide web for very long and not run into a bunch of weird stuff. Of course nearly all of it has something to do with sex, I suppose that most people think about it about ninety plus percent of the time. Most guys think about food, cars and girls, not in that order. At any rate you run into every sort of weird sex fetish and that seems like where most of the weirdness exists. Then I ran across this place that talked about creams for penis bleaching and vagina bleaching. I am not sure that I really understand the need for such things, but the site called this stuff topical creams for discoloration around the private parts. Of course they have stuff for the anus. I would have trouble making this stuff up as a joke, it is just really bizarre if you think about it. I have a penis, but I have not ever really thought about whether or not it is going to be one color or another.

In fact I never think that I have thought about the color of my anus, I can not get much of a look with it even with a mirror. I suppose if I really cared the thing to do would be to use a camera to take a photo. It is a silly thing when you think more and more about it. You are not going to be allowed to think logically about it. You can say that I really do not care about the color of a penis. In fact I know that I am interested in vaginas, that is really natural for a normal heterosexual man. However I have not ever looked at one and thought about whether or not it needed to be bleached.