I Do What I Want to when It Comes to Clothing

We have a high school dance coming up, and I want to look different from everyone. All of my female classmates are talking about blowing a lot of money on very expensive, traditional, classic dresses. That sounds boring to me! I plan on wearing a cute, short dress that looks like it’s from the 50s, along with some Reaper pantyhose tights and high heels. I always get a lot of compliments. People are always asking me where I get my clothing.

When I was very young, I worried that I was too different. I noticed that I like things that are more unique than what most people like. I actually enjoyed that I was so different, but the problem back then is that I worried about it. I’m older now and I realize that spending time worrying about what other people are doing and what they might think of you never makes any sense. It wastes a lot of time. You should never be looking over the fence to end other people’s gardens, and you should not waste your time tearing up your garden and making it look like anyone else’s garden.

When some of the girls learn what I was wearing to the dance, they immediately asked me where I got all the different elements of my outfit that I will be wearing. I knew that would happen! Everyone continues to follow everyone else because it’s easy. It takes a little work to find things to wear that stand out and get a lot of compliments. Not only that, but I just have a good eye for these types of things. I think that I would do really good as a buyer for a large store as a life-long career. It would suit me well and I think that it would make me happy.