I Bought Tyres for the First Time

When I bought my used car a couple of years ago, it was a huge moment for me. It was my very first car, and it also meant that I was finally adulting! I was no longer relying on Mom and Dad to take care of me. My dad showed me how to change my own oil, and I could handle other small things. However, two years is a long time to go on the same tyres, especially used ones. I knew I had to find cheap tyres in Melbourne before my tyres became too unsafe to drive on.

I had never bought tyres before, and I was almost tempted to call my dad for help. Looking back, I still wish I would have, but not because I messed up with what I did. I actually got a great deal on gorgeous tyres, and even my dad was impressed with what I had done. Since he is a massive car guy, that made me happy. I realized my dad would have enjoyed helping me out though, but I still think he was happy that I stood on my own two feet to find the best tyre deal in my town.

Considering how big Melbourne is, there are so many businesses that sell tyres. I was not about to just go to any of them. I wanted one that has a great reputation. I also wanted one that is reasonable on their rates and carries a wide variety of tyres. Finally, I wanted one that would help me make the best choices, since I really did not know much at all about tyres then. The sales person who helped me was very courteous, and I appreciated the choices he gave me. The end result is safe and cheap tyres that are going to last me a long time.