In Future companies will rely on robots to direct employees

The software engineer at Bridgewater Associates, LP, the world’s largest hedge fund, is developing a secret artificial intelligence project that will automate the company’s management, which is entirely dominated by robots. Ray Dalio, the company’s founder, called the project “The Book of the Future.”

But the company’s founders took the initiative to implement this futuristic idea. The new technology developed by the company will incorporate Dalyo’s non-traditional management methods into software systems. Allegedly, the system will send “GPS-style instructions” to employees, plan a clear schedule for employees to perform precisely like a machine, and arrange even fine-tuning when to call a customer. The system is currently under research and development. The exact details of its business are still being discussed within the company. Some details of the project are still a secret. An employee familiar with the project described it as “replicating Dalio’s brain with a computer.”

Dario’s leadership style is very different. In meetings in the company to record, the company encourages employees to criticize each other, people often discuss their own weaknesses. In his blog, Dalio wrote: “Criticism is popular and encouraging in the company, so there is no reason to talk behind the scenes.” And the performance of employees is also measured by a pile of data, and all this is up to Under the control of Rio. After automating the management model, even if Dario wouldn’t be employed by the company, the bridge fund he founded will continue to operate in accordance with his management model.

Bridgewater, which manages assets of up to $160 billion, is the largest of all hedge fund companies. According to LCH Investments, a company that invests client funds in hedge funds, Bridgewater’s profits are double the total profits of all competitors. According to the financial magazine “Institutional Investor”, Mr. Dario’s personal income alone reached US$1.4 billion last year. The “Future Book” software automation management, officially called “principal operating system” (abbreviated as Prios), will make the company’s management as systematic as the company’s investment process. The system’s input data comes from the personality test results of Bridgewater employees. In these tests, the managers passed a written test to determine their “hierarchy”, which was based on an unconventional score of the conceptual skills developed by Canadian psychoanalyst Elliott Jaques.

The test questions included “What is the biggest problem Bridgewater currently faces?” Those who can find long-term trends will score higher. Mr. Dalio had the highest test score and the company made this information public. Similarly, Bridgewater’s software determines that Mr. Dalio is the company’s most “trusted” employee in matters such as investment and leadership, which means that his opinion is even more important.

The ultimate goal is that the automated management system PriOS will be able to predict the outcome of the meeting before the meeting is completed and guide people to take certain actions throughout the day. The role of the company’s employees will no longer be to make individual decisions, but to design the system to make decisions, and to intervene when the system is abnormal. Within five years, Mr. Dalio’s goal is to make nearly three-quarters of management decisions up to Prios. Ultimately, office work will completely disappear and machines will replace humans.

Scientists have confirmed that we must carry out genetic modification in the future!

Human beings are not in the process of evolution all the time. Although the process is very slow, this process has never stopped. Compared to human beings before 2000 years, human beings have undergone tremendous changes both in appearance and in mind. In the coming years, this change will continue.

Harvard University scientist Juan Anriyquiz pointed out that in the future when human beings live on another planet, they need to genetically modify human organs so that humans can live longer on other planets. The genetic transformation will make humans stronger, move faster and resist diseases more effectively. But every time man-made enhancement acts, it will potentially turn humanity into a “superhuman.” AsapScience, a popular science media company in Canada, recently released a new video, in which a number of scientists simulated the depiction of human beings after a thousand years in the video. In the video, the human body in the future will be a semi-human machine. Under the influence of global warming, humans will have deeper skin color and taller heads, and they will have red eyes and supernatural abilities under the influence of genetic mutations.

The human appearance after the next 1000 years will be very different. Affected by climate change, artificial intelligence and gene mutation, the human body has undergone great changes since the millennium. For example, mutations in the human genome in the future will cause the eyes to become red and their skin darkens. The video declares: “In the future, nanobots, also known as micro-robots, will be implanted in our bodies and will turn us into superhumans. By then, we will break through our limitations of physiological functions and transform them from inside to outside into a hybrid of biological machines. However, as we continue to evolve and become smarter, stronger, and better looking, this genetic similarity, or lack of human diversity, will make new diseases possible in the future. Causes the entire population to become extinct.”

According to Cadell Rust, a researcher at the Global Brain Institute, humans will evolve into a completely new population in 2050. This evolution is the result of new technologies, behaviors and natural choices. Rust said that in less than 40 years, our life expectancy will increase dramatically, we will delay the child’s time and daily tasks will be accomplished with artificial intelligence. This is a tremendous change that can be changed with monkeys and become similar to humans. Global Institute of Brain Research researcher Cadel Rust said that humans will evolve into a new population in 2050. Raster said: “When you are 80 or 100 years old, your life will be very different from your grandparents. “He thinks that most of the time we will live in virtual reality. Some evolutionists believe that human life in 2050 could reach 120 years. Raster believes that human sexual maturity will be postponed. Life history discusses this phenomenon.

As the brain’s capacity increases, the body needs more energy and time to store enough energy, and thus less reproductive behavior. Scientists predict that human life will be significantly extended in 2050, robots will be engaged in some unskilled work, women will have a greater age of childbirth, and people have more time to engage in cultural activities. Rast said that the future of humankind is not “short-lived and early death” but “longevity and late death.” Some studies have pointed out that by 2050, a 35-year-old ordinary male white-collar worker will have red eyes, a smaller penis, and a larger brain.

I believe that the new world created by mankind will be more advanced and equal than the current civilization, and the products will be more abundant. In my opinion, the new world will be completely different from the current world because the current world is derived from the medieval world. The biological clock will not run forever. Future humans can use advanced technology to suspend the biological clock for a period of time. The pace of human life will slow down. Although it will end in life, it will not always live in a fast-paced fashion, and will not die prematurely.


Who will live longer: meat eaters or vegetarians?

Genes and the environment affect the length of human life. In the study of identical twins, scientists predict that the impact from genes may not exceed 30%, which means that the vast majority of human life is dominated by the environment. Of the many environmental impact factors, almost no one has been deeply studied and discussed like diet. For example, the calorie intake limit is one of the areas being studied.

Compared to “how to eat”, “what to eat” is also a hot topic of research. Meat consumption is often placed under a microscope for research. In one study, which tracked nearly 100,000 Americans for up to five years, it was found that during the study, meat eaters were more likely to die for various reasons than vegetarians. This was manifested in men. More significant. A number of comprehensive analyses combined with several other studies have also shown that low-meat diets are closely related to human longevity, and that the longer they persist in a meat-free diet, the more they can benefit from it. However, not all research results agree. Some results indicate that the length of life has little or no relation to meat eaters and non-meat eaters.

A major study found that vegetarians had significantly lower mortality than meat eaters. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Internal Medicine, rekindles the debate over the increasingly popular vegetarian diet when medical advice conflicts with the health impact of vegetarian diets on supporters. However, care must be taken when interpreting the results because the risk of death is not only related to diet, but other more complex social and environmental factors can also affect the outcome. For example, vegetarians tend to be younger than the general population, so the mortality rate is much lower. Similarly, the social background of vegetarians may be more affluent, which will also affect mortality.

So, can we confidently say that we can extend our lifespan without eating meat? The answer is simple: not yet.

People have a longer life than most other organisms, whether they are researching or investigating, whether they are animal experiments, or analyzing existing health data, or recruiting volunteers to observe for a period of time. The conclusions are all certain measures and longevity. The relationship between them does not mean that the cause and effect, such as vegetarians are more prone to longevity, it may be because vegetarians exercise more, smoking and drinking less. Therefore, if you want to live longer and you want to get sick younger, you have to control as many environmental factors as you can, including diet, and try to eat as little meat as possible.

Nutrition research also relies on volunteers to accurately and truthfully record their food intake. But this cannot be taken for granted. Studies have shown that people tend to underreport calorie intake and overstate health food consumption. Without actually controlling people’s diet and measuring how long they lived, it is difficult to have absolute confidence in the results of the survey. The study also found that foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes that are eaten regularly by vegetarians can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, help control body mass (BMI) and waist circumference, and promote Brain health.

Scientists in Britain and the United States have compared the microorganisms in the intestines of meat eaters and vegetarians and found significant differences. When the microorganisms contained in the intestines of meateaters interact with digestive fluids, the chemicals produced are believed to cause cancer. This also explains why colon cancer is common in meat-dominated regions such as North America and Western Europe, but it is rare in India where vegetable-based foods are dominant.

In other words: relevance does not equal causation. It seems that vegetarianism and longevity are related, but different variables can explain this link. For example, vegetarians may exercise more than those who eat meat, smoking less and drinking less. From the available evidence, a meatless diet may help this, and as you get older, not eating meat can certainly increase your chances of avoiding the disease. However, there is also evidence that it is also possible to avoid common risks that affect longevity, such as smoking, in a collaborative and cooperative manner.

Why are scientists so obsessed with studying zombies?

I believe that many of my friends, like me, have different preferences for vampires and zombie-themed movies and television dramas. Have we ever wondered whether there are vampires and zombies in the world? Where are they? What is a zombie? A zombie is a person who, after death, regained its standing and walked away to bite the living.

The end of the real world zombies may end quickly, and the situation is not like the classic movie “The Walking Dead” as in the classic movie cable television (AMC). This is the conclusion drawn by students from the University of Leicester, UK. They mainly use an epidemiological model to simulate the spread of infectious diseases among the population. The team’s assumption is that each zombie finds one victim each day, and 90% of the time it is possible to transmit the zombie virus to each other, and these “living people’s lives” can last for 20 days. The researchers entered the above parameters into the model and found that in less than 100 days, humans had only a few hundred survivors.

Zombie Mathematics

A professor of mathematics from the University of Ottawa, Robert J. Smith, said that a formula can be used to calculate the zombie propagation rate, which is (bN)(S/N)Z = bSZ. Researchers try to use mathematical tools to create a zombie diffusion model. Smith It is believed that the diffusion modeling of zombies is somewhat similar to biological viruses, in which N represents the total population, Z represents the number of zombies, and b represents the possibility of being infected by zombies. The result suggests that zombies, if present, may govern the whole world and only humans Strangling zombies may escape.

Mat Mogk, the founder of the Zombie Research Institute, believes that zombies have their inherent biological characteristics. They cannot fly and they will not survive forever. They will achieve the purpose of spreading and spreading through normal biting people. There are some videos about zombies spreading. Describes the episodes of the spread of zombies, such as “Stunned 28 Days”, “Musical Park” and the works mentioned at the beginning of the article. Ian McKay, a virologist at the Infectious Diseases Research Center in Australia, believes that the spread of zombies is similar to the host computer of a virus that infects computers. Its spread is very fast and very efficient. It is obviously an extreme virus transmission incident. Smith believes that when studying the zombies diffusion formula, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dead people infected with zombies can be revived as zombies and continue to attack humans.

Such a diffusion model can refer to the AIDS, malaria, and West Nile virus outbreak patterns. Most virus models have only one nonlinear element, but there are two zombie virus models, which makes the mathematical model of zombies spread more sensitive. Tara Smith, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Iowa in the United States, believes that mathematical modeling becomes more interesting after incorporating zombies diffusion theory. It can make children interested in mathematics. In the public health field, it can predict the impact through mathematical simulations. As the process of urbanization continues to increase, humans need to face the challenges of new viruses and at the same time reflect the public’s concerns about the pandemic.

Zombie brain

Like humans, the brain is also their most important organ for zombies. Without brain zombies, they lose their ability to move. Two neuroscientists from California’s University of San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University are curious about the operation of the zombie brain. This paper is called “Does Zombies Dream About Immortal Sheep?” The analysis pointed out that slow walking zombies may cause problems in the part of the cerebellum, because the cerebellum is responsible for handling the coordinated part of the movement. Even if some zombies are flying fast, they are also missing. Working memory capabilities.


Yījù kāng nǎi’ěr dàxué yánjiū zhǐchū, rúguǒ nǐ rén zài měiguó, yù dào jiāngshī yìqíng bàofā, zuì hǎo de bìnàn dìdiǎn shì luò jī shānmài, jiànlì jíbìng móxíng yánjiū bìngdú dí chuánbò lùjìng, tòuguò yǎo shāng cáinéng chuánbò bìngdú dí huà, rénkǒu jiào shǎo dì dìqū huì chuánbò dé bǐjiào màn, xūyào hǎojǐ gè yuè de shíjiān cáinéng chuán jìn shānqū, ér zuì yánzhòng de jiùshì rénkǒu mìjí de dà chéngshì la ~suǒyǐ wúlùn nǐ zhù nǎlǐ, yào bìnàn dehuà huòxǔ dū xiān wǎng shānqū táo jiù duìle!

Jiāngshī bìngdú suīrán bùshì zuì kěnéng chūxiàn de mòrì chǎngjǐng, dànshì yǒubèiwúhuàn zǒng shì hǎo de. Quán shèhuì rúguǒ xiǎng zài jiāngshī bàofā shí jíshí yǒuxiào dì dòngyuán gōnggòng wèishēng yìngjí fǎnyìng, xiànzài jiù bìxū tóurù gèng duō de yánjiū hé zījīn.

According to Cornell University studies, if you are in the United States and encounter an outbreak of zombies, the best place to refuge is in the Rocky Mountains. Establish a disease model to study the transmission route of the virus and spread the virus through bites. The area will spread slowly. It will take several months to reach the mountains. The most serious one is the densely populated big city. So wherever you live, if you want to take refuge, you may have to go to the mountains to escape!

Although the zombie virus is not the most likely doomsday scenario, it is always good to be prepared. If the whole society wants to mobilize public health emergency response timely and effectively in the event of a zombie outbreak, it must now devote more research and funds.

Twenty percent of top companies have psychotic features

Is your boss a well-educated, well-dressed, ambitious and attractive person? Be careful, he may be a mental patient. The American psychologist Paul Babiak recently pointed out that not all mentally ill people are perverted murderers, and many of them have a normal job. In fact, in real life, because mental patients often have extraordinary desires for money, power, and sex, and they have strong language skills, the morbid characteristics of these mental illnesses are often seen as expressions of initiative and leadership. This also makes it easier for them to enter the top management level.

These people really cannot be called corporate leaders, but rather a group of “corporate psychopaths”. Psychologists suggest that many leaders have narcissistic tendencies, and that narcissists will go for high-stress, high-paying jobs. Although this kind of work may pose great risks, it can make their talents fully utilized, and it may bring them honor. This narcissist may become a legendary leader in the business world. Psychologist Michael McCorbie discovered and treated many narcissistic leaders and discovered that in the business world, as positions rise and competition pressures increase (of course, returns to income and fame are also getting higher). The more narcissistic leaders there are. They are characterized by dictatorship and are good at cultivating their own cronies. In the business world, they are often reformists. Their motivation is not to pursue perfection but to aspire to success. And because they don’t care what kind of impact their actions have on others, they always aggressively pursue goals, at all costs.

The current economic environment is a breeding ground for the support of this group of corporate mental patients. The endless supply of corporate downsizing, organizational reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, chaotic and rapidly changing environmental supplies are an endless source of stimuli to these thirsty psychopaths and provide an excellent cover for their evils. Of course, investors can’t get rid of their responsibilities, asking only performance for everything, requiring companies to continue to grow every quarter and year, and stock prices continue to rise, which also encourages the space for thoughtful people to operate. No one will be bothered to notice that all this is an empty illusion that has piled up one by one in the sky, and only then has watched his entire life be turned into a bubble.

If unfortunately your boss is really mentally ill, what should I do? 1. Believe in your intuition. Never be fooled by the role one plays; 2. Always remember the principle of “three.” A rumor or injury may be unintentional or misunderstood; a second offence is a serious mistake; if it occurs a third time, it is a true deception; 3. Refused to join illegal games. Never allow the boss to engage in illegal activities, let alone disguise him; 4. Do not blindly believe in authority. Hold on to the ruler in your heart. Once you find out that the boss has done something that violates your conscience, you should question it. 5. Do not mistake fear for respect. If the boss makes you scared, it is definitely not a boss worthy of your respect; 6. Find a better job. If you refuse, you should make up your mind to leave.

Why Apple employees left

Apple is the best company in the entire universe, and none of them is. The polite Cook turns an assortment of designs into a stack of attractive banknotes. Compared with Steve Jobs, Cook is more concerned about the welfare of employees. After he took office, Extending the maternity leave for pregnant women, Apple in the post-Jobs era, each employee can enjoy restricted stock. In addition, Cook also provided subsidies to NGO volunteers to renovate the building of the Apple headquarters, and at high-level meetings, he from Instead of rushing like a lord, they quietly sent a toilet plug to those who did not meet their performance goals. This close-to-door CEO’s approach makes the company’s headquarters staff, overseas employees, and even key suppliers. The rain is sticking. In the past five years, more and more employees have become prosperous due to Apple and embarked on a road to “a seemingly changing world”.

However, it is undeniable fact that Apple has seen a small-scale departure in the last two years. On the one hand, it has become a matter of course because its organization has increased three-fold, and the number of people leaving the company has increased. On the other hand, Apple under Cook ruled With a high-speed, profitable machine, those who have feelings and ideal genius will never endure such a culture. In addition, employees who have been baptized by Apple, in the job market, have become all-too-unique and human-oriented. Full of fear, full of curiosity. After completing the basic capital accumulation, they have enough reason to explore the unknown.

Withdraw from the countryside, Apple employees are always on the road

In all fairness, Cook made significant progress in improving employee benefits, but the most important reason why they called it “significant” is that their starting point in this area is too low. According to Steve Jobs emails revealed by foreign media, the helper and fellow companies did not cut corners, and jointly lowered the cost of employment, canceled the employee vacation system, he was hot-tempered, the working environment was efficient and full of pressure. The staff did not even dare to join him. Take the elevator, but Jobs’s fascination is in his yearning for technology and relentless pursuit of art. This kind of atmosphere is able to unite a large number of technical and artistic sons of heavenly election. These people have gained enough respect in the era of Jobs. And bonuses, but it is also a clear flow of the tide of the departure of Apple today.

In the Cook era, Apple’s organization became large and bloated. In order to cope with the increasingly complex supply chain, Cook’s welfare scales began to tilt heavily toward retailers and supply chain managers. This caused subtle changes in the mentality of some top-notch technical personnel. In addition, Apple’s innovation was gradually weak, resulting in These people sprouted back, and their departure added to Apple’s dependence on supply chain management. In the end, the company changed from a technologically innovative enterprise to a capital enterprise that valued supply chain management more. In addition, because the iPhone has always been an important pillar of Apple’s revenue, making other products suffer from the cold, the entire team’s energy is also struggling to cope with the huge capacity of smart phones, some technical personnel, and even ask to go to Apple retail stores to help promote the iPhone7 The author once brainwashed the honey sauce picture. Did they have to pour water on the latest mobile phone or throw it from the second floor, and then arrange a big truck to pass by? Even if the iPhone’s own team is full of more and more hierarchical concepts, the native Americans are naturally the first, followed by the Indian executives, then the middle layer of Singapore and Malaysia, and finally active in the business trip, will always be Those yellow-skinned Asians, such a bloated organization is almost a classic form of officialdom, the efficiency and internal consumption problems are deteriorating.

Shen Yun is always happening gradually. This began with Cook’s personal traits and the inevitable natural trajectory of giant companies. Under this background, more and more ordinary people began to join Apple. These people are no longer sly geniuses. Instead, they must be cautious and fearful of mistakes. In order to obtain more profits, Cook has continuously asked suppliers to lower their prices. Taiwan’s media have repeatedly reported that suppliers each year receive requests for bargaining prices from Apple. The attitude is arrogant and unprecedented, and bloodthirsty is almost never stopped. Obviously, the game of interest is very complicated, just like the complex political struggle. Dispatch workers are the soldiers who are the easiest to die in this fight. They have to be stationed inside the supplier all year round to get their negotiating capital. There are more than 700 suppliers for Apple. These dispatchers not only want to become experts in Hong Kong, but also spend a lot of life on planes and trains. What’s even more difficult is that the goals they receive are often inconsistent. The stupid goal of logic can only be swallowed hard. If you stay in this state for a long time, it is easy to collapse. Smart people can only leave before they collapse.

In terms of general logic, the top and bottom employees of the pyramid are unstable. The former left because they were curious about the future, while the latter left because they couldn’t see the future. Apple’s departure is precisely from these two types. People who make up high-level or top-level technicians are naturally re-employed and even get richer income and respect from start-ups. The general supply chain managers are also different from the bottom-level staff of other companies. They have seen countless In the big scene, a random report affects the work of hundreds of millions of assets and millions of people. These people are middle-level cadres that many small and medium-sized enterprises aspire to.

People-oriented, Apple relies on employees to change the world

In the era of Jobs, Apple put forward the great slogan of “being born and changing the world.” For a long time, people only paid attention to how Apple products changed the world. For example, the iPhone gave birth to the mobile Internet, and Uber/WeChat/payment/Taobao can achieve tremendous development. The work, social, and entertainment patterns have also changed dramatically. In addition, Apple’s ecosystem, quality awareness, quality lines, and hunger marketing have severely changed the traditional electronic industry chain. Billions of people have benefited from this. It is said that the iPhone/iPad has changed the world and there is nothing wrong with it. It is not accurate. In fact, changing the world can only be done by the “human” itself.

The author has a wish: I hope that companies can become the main base for training and exporting talents. In fact, to create better, more powerful, and more powerful human beings is more socially meaningful than a stunning mobile phone. Of course, this kind of thinking is somewhat naive. At least according to the current level of productivity, there is no way to achieve it. However, such a demanding mash-up of products, such as Apple, has unconsciously led to the birth of a large number of high-end talent, and today’s departure. The tide can also be understood as a talent transfer with good social significance. According to foreign media reports, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla announced that it has hired Ratner as the vice president of the automatic driving software R&D department. Prior to this, Rattner spent 11 years working at Apple, developed the Swift language, and promoted it to external developers. His arrival will not only bring a solid experience in software development, but also to familiar external developers. The new platform, as well as some of the core designers in the Harvey team, joined other companies with their own concept of excellence. As you can see, more and more products show an apple-like sense of art. As for the bottom line, some supply chain managers are also very useful. After serving as a middle layer in a start-up, they are bound to use Apple’s management tools to reshape their companies. Those meticulous process management, and those looming craftsmanship, The kind of hard-working and persistent work attitude will be spread all over the world through these scattered “small talents”.

Apple’s products have changed the world blatantly, and Apple’s employees have changed their world silently. As mentioned above, from this point of view, the current wave of departure is more like a talented person with a good social output. The author hopes that more and more companies can pay attention to the training of employees. After all, we have spent our lives in poverty. The most important goal is to reshape the human self.

What is the most horrible internet bully clause you’ve agreed to?

All along, “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use” is the biggest lie on the Internet. Even if the user carefully read the contents inside, because it contains many legal terms, I am afraid that you need a professional lawyer to understand 100% of its meaning. However, more often than not, users are forced to agree to these terms of service, otherwise they cannot use the corresponding software applications or services.

Facebook has lifetime use of all your data

Although Facebook not only has information about users’ photos, status updates, etc., they can freely use these materials and images for advertising revenue. In theory, Facebook can license the user’s child’s photos to other advertisers without the user’s permission. Facebook also noted that some of the terms of the rights will not be affected by the user’s deletion of the account. This means that Facebook can still save and use user profiles even if users leave the site. Many websites, such as Twitter and Snapchat, can also use geotagging to track you to real life.

Facebook is free to buy and sell your photos

Facebook can authorize all Instagram public photos to other companies or organizations for commercial purposes. Instagram exposes private photos that cause trouble for the parties and they will not be held responsible. Instagram emphasized this rule twice: “We don’t take any responsibility for using or revealing content.” “When companies or other organizations use your photos for various promotional business, they need to pay us, but you won’t get Any compensation.”. The user must agree to allow the advertiser to display the user’s name, portrait, and photo in the advertisement or sponsored content without paying the user and without obtaining the user’s consent. Users under the age of 18 must ensure that at least one parent or guardian also agrees to the above terms. Instagram stated in the blog that this adjustment is intended to protect users while avoiding the abuse of information.

You have signed up to give up your right to sue

Many popular websites and applications – including Amazon, Snapchat and Instagram – have what is referred to as an “arbitration clause” that forces you to go out of court to resolve their disputes. This means that you give up your right to jury trial instead of having to resolve the dispute by arbitration, that is to say, you must meet and discuss your argument in front of a third party arbiter. Because arbitration is very expensive, it also prevents you from joining other complainants and forming a class action lawsuit.

You have agreed to let the company delete your content at any time for any reason

Social media giants can’t delete your stuff for a reason, or let you disappear from their site. Even Netflix has the right to limit your visit to them. He will feel that this is his right. Instagram also claimed: “We have the right to force any user to withdraw from our site.”

You have accepted that you may not be able to actually delete your account

Although many companies can delete you and yours regardless of whether they are 3771 or not, some websites and servers still retain the right to delete your post-account information. For example, Instagram and its affiliates or their service providers may retain information (including your personal profile information) and user content after acknowledging the suspension of the account. YouTube may “reserve but not display, distribute or execute, service, and you have deleted or deleted a copy of your content.”

What’s terrible is that when you really encounter this situation, you may not have any way to lodge a complaint or claim because you have “agreed” with these Internet service providers’ “overlord terms,” including those “traps” that are designed for you. “.

Nokia returning to the mobile market

For the 70s, 80s, and even 90s, Nokia is a word that cannot be erased from their lives. Nokia, who was very proud of its peers in the mobile phone market, had too many classic models known and used by the public. However, when the tide of smart phones arrived, Nokia did not seize the opportunity in the mobile phone business, abandoned the most popular Android system, and combined with Microsoft’s smart phone operating system, eventually losing money, only the mobile phone business. Packaged for sale to Microsoft, and authorized Microsoft to obtain the brand’s useful life.

In the recent period, after the expiration of the brand authorization, Nokia regained the right to use the brand. Although not operating on its own but re-authorizing HMD, the relationship between HMD and Nokia is very close. In the words of the HMD senior executives, “The relationship between us is a close relationship and brotherhood.” The release of Nokia 6, which was the first of its kind to come back, was caught in the storm of lending money. Although Nokia’s brand influence is still there, but in order to stir the situation in the current smart phone market, no big move really can not!

Nokia 6: The Return of Mixed Results

Without mentioning the others, it seems that Nokia Nokia 6 did not do a good job of market research, but still thought about eating it. Although there are no shortages of highlights, they are more incompatible with the current smartphone market. Could it be that Nokia’s Pride has not faded yet?

Nokia 6 this phone is tailored specifically for the Chinese market – it seems to know that people are stupid more money ah … … From the core processor point of view, Nokia 6 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 eight-core processor. Such a weak performance processor is generally used in domestic mobile phones with a price of less than six or seven hundred yuan, and the price of the 800 yuan file will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. On the processor, Nokia is really sincere.

Fortunately, Nokia 6 saved some facets in other hardware configurations. 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, 16 million pixels main camera, 8 million pixels front camera, fingerprint unlock, dual speakers, 5.5 inch Hybrid In-cell screen (IPS technology), covering 2.5D arc Corning glass… These hardware configurations are considered mainstream. Coupled with a good appearance design and material, the shape still looks great.

In any case, compared with the same configuration of domestic mobile phones, Nokia 6 has a price of 1699 yuan which is nearly a thousand dollars higher than the latter. For hardcore fans who have been looking forward to revisit Nokia’s return to the mobile market, no matter what Nokia 6 is doing, it must be a buying and buying rhythm. But for the vast majority of consumers who have been spoilt by low-priced, high-quality domestic mobile phones, Nokia 6 is considered an “embroidery pillow,” but it is ridiculous.

Still want to use power, but it really doesn’t make sense

HMD is the new authorized operator of the Nokia mobile phone brand. Although it is not the same as Nokia, it has a very close relationship with Nokia. The Nokia 6 launch actually means that the Nokia smart phone business has been fully restarted. However, Nokia 6 is not considered a show of color, so that the industry and the general public are skeptical that Nokia is still trying to “collect money” with its own feelings.

However, the senior management of HMD does not seem to think so. HMD’s chief marketing officer stated at the first Chinese media communication meeting, “We must not think that this is a bunch of Nokia old people who originally worked at Nokia. In the past, it was not. However, in fact, at the communication meeting, Nokia is still playing the “heartbeat card.” For example, Nokia’s classic mobile phone display in the 2G era, the appearance of old Nokia fans, and so on, will all turn communication into an undivided collective. Nostalgia will.

Coupled with the stark contrast between Nokia’s high pricing and lower profile, Nokia’s desire to “accumulate wealth” with the power of feelings is already a fact. However, the reality is that the current smart phone market is far from the age of Nokia’s own hegemony. There are too many giants and the situation is even more complicated. Nokia who missed the stage of high-speed growth is really too hard to resurrect with blood.

How big is it? The market wants Nokia’s sincerity

It may be that HMD and Nokia themselves feel sorry for the return of Nokia 6, and it has been made clear that new products will be launched on February 26. Judging from the current exposure information, this new product will be the flagship and will be named Nokia 8. And will be divided into two versions, including the high version equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, the ordinary version will be equipped with Snapdragon 821 processor. In terms of price, Nokia8 will be positioned at 3999 yuan.

If this is really the price, it means that Nokia still puts itself in the right place. It is cheaper than Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship models, and it is more expensive than the flagship models of ordinary domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Do not look at the price is not low, but at least not as virtual high as Nokia 6. If this is Nokia’s big move, coupled with the promotion of existing feelings, maybe it can really hope to occupy a place in the current smart phone market.

What Other Folks Won’t Tell You Concerning Back Pain

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Contrary to earlier opinions, one day or 2 in bed isn’t a flawless solution to back ache; if you’re experiencing back pain, strolling around for a few minutes every hour can aid to loosen the muscles in the back, so forestalling rigidification. A slipped disc in your spinal cord can evoke or worsen your back pain because it inevitably causes the surrounding muscles great deal of discomfort; a chiropractor can put this back in place with a few well placed manipulation systems, leading to basically no ache at all.

The hint to being free from back pain is to engage in exercise; not only exercise but to exercise correctly and even in the correct fashion because poorly executed exercises may well just exacerbate the pain rather than relaxing it.

The initial half of this writing has certainly shown that it pays to be informed before we can become knowledgeable, regardless of the subject matter in question, whether “Back Pain ” or whatever else. Keep reading and your level of understand will surely get bigger.

Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS) is an acupunctural process used for relieving back ache which involves the insertion of needles into the ankles, knees or fingers; many back pain patients state that this technique proved extraordinarily useful for them. Minimal back pain may perhaps be a result of soreness in the muscles of the back and can be aided by deep treatment massage; that is why a lot of individuals prefer such massage treatments than any other.

One important thing to know is that your mindset can go a long way in determining if your back pain will truly be eased or not for the reason that a really optimistic mindset accelerates healing whereas a negative mindset slows it down.

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Finding The Best Mattress For Back Pain

 best mattress for back painAlthough a could find it challenging to report their pose for clear factors, you’ll find ” not bad ” and “bad” methods to sleep. If perhaps it weren’t so baffling never to just discover to obtain the perfect bedding although the perfect operating sneaks, too! Low back bain is not just unbearable but also unbearable for numerous sufferers. We can find so many great mattress reviews for back pain, please read them carefully before you buy it. That will tech you the best skills and experience on mattress shopping.

This bed cover presents convenience that is excellent while asleep, due to 2 – inch premium memory foam which is really a groundbreaking material in modern mattresses’ manufacturing. Advantages of foam are popular to everyone, however it’s not superfluous to mention that polyurethane foam offers best body place and the supreme ease during sleep. Not everything may be charged on ones bed.

Because we want it or not (and no organization cares both) we’ve to purchase Items produced in China and supported in asia. Our last 3 computers have all been home-created to get a portion (a next or less) of Dell’s price & no difficulties to talk about. ftw! I was once told by one customer care boss that never happened, although I’d be acknowledged $30, and have my guarantee expanded another year for my difficulties, nor were the follow-up made by her contact tome she assured. Equipment experts are polite, and so they generally DO make follwow-up calls and answer email; nevertheless, not just one has encouraged I really do anything I hadnot done before talking using them, and many had a worse knowledge of their very own hardware techniques and analytical application than I did so. Currently I’ve togo out and either try to uncover one which will continue to work on my own or get another notebook.

Yoga-for-Lower-Back-PainHigh ladies (average height, 5 feet 7 inches) were 22 percent more likely to have back pain than the shortest women (average height, 5 legs 1-inch). She said back ache that was low could be the No. 1 reason behind handicap in people underneath 45’s age. The best bedding could be the the one that is smooth enough allowing to get a good-night’s sleeping although firm enough for help, she explained. And recall: your pillow envy’s real source might lie-in the fact motels often switch out theirs.

Call your physician if you get a side effect that affects you or one that won’t disappear. Yet I’ll still experience some pain then and every now as my body determines to return back to its old common habits. Ofcourse, I’ve also found that the various tools I employ and an enormous part also can enjoy in lowering (or developing) pain. Professionally, I uncover mice and their keyboards to become several of the biggest things that bring about wrist pain for me. I started utilizing a M570 trackball and unearthed that it is totally removed my wrist pain.

If you were to tear available a common bed acquired at a big box store, you’d possibly be stunned by what you’re paying big bucks for. The distinction between a $300 spring bed plus a $1000 spring bed is likely to be in relation to the number of circles, if they are draped in some slender material, how fairly the outer address is (which gets covered up by your sheets anyways), and the way enchanting and substantial the advertising budget was to sell it to you. But good-luck discovering many options for a strong latex mattress.

Both process, you will not be unable to accomplish a correct bed for back ache using a bed produced to help your weight and never sag. Ask the merchant while you are mendacity about it in case your anchor is in correct stance whenever you try a mattress within the retailer. A qualified expert will help you build in the event an excessive amount of inside the midst is sagged by the bed, or if this is actually the case. The simplest way to do this is inmattress store.

The analysis gives enough research to assist doctors feel comfortable proposing choice-organization beds to people with lower-back troubles. Once I consider going to sleep in the evening, I enjoy the knowledge of laying down on our bedding. When I talked about our aged (36 months!) innerspring mattress in February I wasn’t sure then if the back-pain I woke up with each morning was from our bed, my developer-hunting-but-not-thus-cozy office seats or even the way I seated on our sofa. Terreeia has had serious SI pain that is back for such a long time she had no idea whether our mattress was the culprit.

Now I’m just spreading my own tale here and in that lighting I’ll provide you with some essential tips on picking a airbed, setting it up, I’ll let you know why it may be recommended to get one and back it up with a few research. Well, there are some things that connect with some choices that are distinct and all circumstance on the basis of the spot the pain is found in. Firstly an elevated air bed is actually wanted by you. It generally does not simply create moving a heck of a lot more easy out and in, it also supplies help that is greater for muscles and your spine. A bed that is poor could subscribe to your back pain.

Jigsaw Blades Review and Shopping Guide

The jigsaw blade market is frustrating. This jigsaw blade review will certainly reveal you ways to hire the right jigsaw blade for the application. Just like our power-tool evaluation on jigsaws, we shall certainly take a look at exactly what type of jigsaw blades are offered to todays professional woodworker. Not simply for cutting different kinds of product which you encounter your work but also wood.jig-saw-blade

Jigsaw Blades – An Overview

Albert Kaufmann dealing with the Scintilla Company, a Swiss, invented the jig saw blade. By repairing a blade into his spouse’s sewing machine then viewing it cut by trying it out he tested the idea. He might never ever have actually pictured the range of blades that might be created from his keynote. His first electric handheld jigsaw was produced by the Scintilla Company in 1947. the Bosch Corporation later took over the Scintilla Company. Today
Bosch is just a pacesetter in jigsaws and jigsaw blades worldwide.

Other professional woodworkers and tradesman concur that the jigsaw is flexible, making it a leading option of the power tool widely, particularly when cutting a range of different materials. This short article will certainly
highlight the major jigsaw blade types which are essential to today’s woodworker and carpenter.

Kinds of Jigsaw Blades and Shanks.

The jigsaw blade market is divided into 2 main shank types:

T – Shank Jigsaw Blades
U – Shank Jigsaw Blades

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. The T-shank is a more flexible plan, because many jigsaws have the ability to support both T- shank and also the U -shank blades. Understand that Bosch equipment for instance,
will just support ONLY T-Shank blades. There’s additional information about why these 2 various jigsaw blade shanks developed, hired in this jigsaw review.
Main jigsaw blade manufacturer like Bosch do create both types of blades. The U- T as well as Shank type porter cable jigsaw blades -shank type Makita jigsaw blades.

With cat. no we mainly reveal t-shank jigsaw blades from Bosch, in the following article. beginning with T. …

Since Bosch does likewise produce common U-shank jigsaw blades there Would equal simply changing the T at the beginning with an U. Example: Bosch jigsaw blade T101B equals with blade U101B other than for the shank.

Jigsaw Blades for Timber

Woodworkers work to particle boards such as OSB’s and the engineered MDF with a large range of wood from woods from plywood, and to softwoods. The specialist requires a wide range of jigsaw blades, today. Looking for ‘crosscut’ to
‘rip’ scroll blades or group cutting blades, and slow cut blades at this world, with different requirements, cabinet makers and woodworkers have to hire the right jigsaw blade due to their software.

Various Tops of Jigsaw Blades.

Woodworkers are in some cases needed to make plunge cuts. Be it ‘eliminated’ insets or for kitchen sinks for tabletops, a quick plunge cut using a jigsaw is frequently useful. You understand longer need to exercise a gap for
edge attachment. Contemporary jigsaw blades will have the capability to straight “dive into” the work with no prep work.

Jigsaw Blades for Plunge Cutting with Special Top

The picture next reveals some advanced jigsaw blades with unique ‘plunge cut tops’ for less splintering.

Period of Jigsaw Blades in Wood.

How strong a jigsaw will certainly cut relies on, your machines, blade guidance and length, in addition to the motor power orbital action. Numerous edge suppliers like Bosch, Dewalt or Festool offer long jigsaw blades for cuts
around 5 3/4″ or 145mm. (seen next Image reveals the Festool jigsaw blades figures S74/4FS, S105/4 FSG and S145/4FSG).

Check the blade thickness, when examining long jigsaw blades and discover a wider side-set of tooth – than standard size blades.

Additional jigsaw blade thickness on long saw blades prevents flexing, particularly when cutting complete depths.

A wider side-set of tooth avoids the blade from being pressed and overheated, if you hire it required to puncture green (non-cured) wood.